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Timer - Russian Roulette

Post  CHyatt on Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:56 am

Improvement Suggestion Title: Adjust Countdown timer in Russian Roulette
Issue Description: I've found that the countdown timer in russian roulette is slightly off. The timer starts at 7 and when it reaches 1 the hammer cocks back. When the timer reaches zero nothing happens. It is only when time restarts at 7 for the next countdown does the gun fire. I suggest having the hammer cock back at 3 or 2 and firing exactly when the timer reaches 0. Then maybe have a 2 second pause before the countdown starts again. That way everyone will have a moment to be happy they didnt get shot (if they didn't) and hand it to a friend for their turn.
Game Version: v0.8.0.1
Device Type: Original EVO
OS Version: Android 2.3.5


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